Sunbeam Talbot 90 1952

Although the Talbot named faded into obscurity after being absorbed into a larger company and the factories used to make Peugeots. This car still remains very much alive and a rare find. The 1600cc engine ticks over well and the exhaust exudes that wonderful gravelly sound you expect from British cars of this period. There is a wonderful sense of regal-ness you get when the drive this car, the big vintage steering wheel and manual column shift makes every drive a real occasion and Talbot were ahead of their time when they fitted a push button start.

The car has been stored in a dry museum for many years but there are still signs of rust appearing. Please see the photos and let me know if there are any other areas you would like photos of.

The keen eye will notice that the car has been retro fitted with modern indicators but the original ones are still there but deactivated. You will notice in the rear seats, there is a variety of glass that appears to be for the car, however this is not a certainty. The boot also features a variety of other parts for the car that are all included.

The leather interior is showing its age but the retro styling of the dash is a particular highlight and all the original instruments appear to be working and there have been a couple added.


PLEASE NOTE - The odometer history on this car is strange, please see CarJam. Rego on hold, The car will not be given a new warrant it is sold as is.

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Sunbeam Talbot 90 1952-1.jpg