Rover Mini Cooper 1992

The iconic classic Mini Cooper, one of the Worlds best loved small car, with a production life of more than four decades throughout which it became a fashion statement, a motorsport hero and wore the mantle as one of the most influential cars in the World. First Conceived as a fuel saving, efficient and easy to drive small car, Alec Issigonis’ masterpiece evolved over time until production ceased on 4 October 2000.

By the 1990s however, under the ownership of Rover, the Mini Cooper was more of a luxury and fashion statement than just a fuel saving economy car and what makes the Rover’s special is that they offer more modern technology than the Austin, Morris and Leyland versions do, such as the Fuel injection and Air Conditioning.

This car is a genuine Cooper with the most powerful 1.3L engine that has a max speed of 152kph!! The Automatic transmission is a joy to drive in the city and far more efficient than its predecessors, it runs through the four speed gear box smoothly and quickly.

As you will be able to see from the photos the car is in near concours condition having covered and average of only 2,500kms per year over its lifetime.


The Mini has always been owned and maintained by enthusiasts, having recently benefitted from a full set of new Yokohama tyres and new dual tip exhaust. You can let yourself indulge in the retro layout while enjoying the modern finishings such as the Bluetooth stereo, air conditioning and comfortable reclining velour seats.


Wether you are looking for an investment (A Rover Mini Cooper recently sold at auction in NZ for just over $60,000) A weekend show car or a daily driver, This Mini Cooper finished in Metallic Teal with Grey velour will put a smile on your face every time you decide to drive it, or even if you just look at it!

Rover Mini Cooper 1992-1.jpg