Ford Tauras GT LAPD Police Car Replica

If you’re looking for a promo car for your business or to have some fun in a parade then look no further. This car turns heads wherever it goes it comes complete with working lights and sirens that will give the new owner lots of fun as well. The car recently under took the journey from Whanganui to the Whangamata for Beach Hop 2020 and drove flawlessly.

The police in the USA famously use Crown Victoria’s but never produced a station wagon version, so when the LAPD need a K-9 unit they turned to the Ford Taurus. So while the car is a replica, the look and essence is very much in keeping with the official police car of the period. Let's face it, the lights are the coolest part and they off of a genuine LAPD police car and imported over here specifically to be used on this car.

The car was originally white and the panels have been painted black to create the look and while the car has covered some ground in its time it is still in great condition largely in part to the previous owner who was an airforce mechanic and maintained the car to aircraft standards. The car is being sold as is.

Two extra pull down seats adorn the sizeable boot so a whole party of people can join along in the fun and it also features the ever handy towbar that combined with the meaty 3L engine can pull anything you need.

Ford Taurus 1997 LAPD Replica Police Car