Airstream Style Teardrop Camper

You are looking at a one of a kind WW2 bomber inspired airstream style teardrop camper project!

This practically new camper (2019) gives you the opportunity to create whatever interior you want and is a solid starting point for your imagination to run wild. Once finished this will be a priceless camper and head turner.

The sides are finished in aluminium that would suit polishing to a mirror finish (please see the photos for an example of polished patch). You will notice that the body work has stains, this from various cleaning products that have been used that have not come off properly but a good buffer will get them out. This is something the current owner doesn’t want to spend any more time on so it is being sold as is.

This trailer is very light and can be easily manoeuvred by one person, it can be towed by any vehicle with a tow-bar and it would look great behind a 50's American cruiser!


External Length: 4160mm (13ft)

External Width: 2275 (7.5ft)

Internal Height: 1640mm (5.4ft)

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Bomber Caravan-1.jpg